Weight Loss in South Sioux City

Chiropractic South Sioux City NE 7 Systems Plan

Most people believe they are overweight because they eat too much or don’t exercise enough. But if you look at medical studies that have people restrict calories and exercise more, the results are very disappointing. You may have already tried this.

After working with tens of thousands of patients and decades of research, I made a discovery that changed the way I help people who struggle to lose weight. Since that discovery, I have been able to help countless people lose weight in South Sioux City, maintain their progress and enjoy amazing health.

Weight Loss in South Sioux City NE

Your weight struggle is caused by a System problem

  • Making your fat cells angry can make it impossible to lose weight – Structural System
  • Having the wrong bacteria in your gut will impair weight loss – Digestive System
  • There is a food, that most people are eating, that can cause even more weight gain than sugar - Delivery System
  • Most people have a slowed down their metabolism, hindering weight loss efforts — Energy
  • Three key hormones, that are not working correctly in most people, making weight loss very difficult — Communication System
  • Having inflammation in your body can tremendously impair your weight loss efforts — Defense System
  • Toxins in your body (obesogens) can make weight loss very difficult — Detox System

The real cause of your weight problems is a malfunction in one or more of your 7 main Systems.

Having discovered this, there was an additional problem to address. Evaluating these Systems and restoring optimal function can be difficult to do, cost tens of thousands of dollars and take a long time. I knew there had to be a better way.

The discovery that changed the lives of people around the world.

My discovery was a simple way to evaluate each of these Systems, identify malfunctions, and optimize their function using proven science-based steps.

The results have been amazing! People in almost every State in America and eight countries around the world have used this plan to lose weight and regain their health.

But lasting weight loss is not the only benefit

  • Energy skyrockets
  • Mood improves in weeks
  • Food addictions dwindle
  • Digestion works as it should
  • The need for medications decreases
  • Sex drive soars
  • Hormones are balanced
  • Productivity spikes
  • Health care costs go down

Just a Few of The Countless Stories

Chiropractic South Sioux City NE Amy Weight Loss

Structural System

Amy had been overweight her whole life and had been on countless diet plans. In fact, she didn’t tell anyone what she was doing for 2 months for fear of failing again. Her severe obesity limited her ability to participate in physical activities with her children and enjoy life.

Her transformation was amazing! In eight months she lost over 100 pounds and fixed each of her 7 Systems!

She now enjoys doing activities with her children and even though she had never ran a mile in her life, she is now running 5K races!


Chiropractic South Sioux City NE Cindi Weight Loss

Delivery System

Candi vowed she would never spend another dollar on a diet plan again, until she found this course. She knew she had to do something though because she wanted to be around for her grandchildren.

Her high blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure were serious problems. She lost over 100 pounds and has kept it off for over 13 years and at age 73 is enjoying time with her grandchildren.


Chiropractic South Sioux City NE JoDee Weight Loss

Communication System

JoDee was told by her medical doctor that she was obese and needed to lose weight. Her energy was low and she would find herself dozing off while grading her student’s papers after school. She was really trying (diet and exercise), but the pounds would not come off.

Six months after starting this course she had lost 65 pounds by correcting two key hormones. She has great energy, has kept the weight off for over three years and is taking a kickboxing class after school.


Chiropractic South Sioux City NE Sheila Weight Loss

Multiple System

Sheila had a malfunction with each of her 7 Systems and almost lost her life. She ended up in a coma in the hospital for six weeks. With the 7 Systems Course, she got her life back. Insulin-dependent diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, obesity and all medications disappeared.


Chiropractic South Sioux City NE Kevin Weight Loss

Defense System

Cindy had joint pain, inflammation, and obesity. She joined the 7 Systems Plan course because she could no longer get down on the floor to play with her grandchildren. 85 pounds later she can do jumping lunges with weighs in her hands.


Chiropractic South Sioux City NE Cindy Weight Loss

Structural System

Kevin was morbidly obese. He coached little league, but didn’t have the ability to put out his best effort. On a hot day he would call off practice because of his physical condition. He broke his food addiction, lost 170 pounds and now leads the way for his team.

She now can do anything with her grandchildren.


Chiropractic South Sioux City NE Larry Weight Loss

Digestive System

Larry joined the course just to support his wife. In 6 months, he lost 50 pounds and was off all 10 of his prescriptions! His energy sky rocketed, and he feels great!


Chiropractic South Sioux City NE Kristi Weight Loss

Structural System

Kristi wanted to lose weight, but was struggling. She was fit in high school and wanted to get her young body back. Six months on the 7 Systems Plan knocked 50 pounds off and got her fit again.

Look Younger, feel Younger, be Younger!

Chiropractic South Sioux City NE Jessie Weight Loss
Chiropractic South Sioux City NE Brandy Weight Loss

Let's Look Inside The Course

Module 1 - The Structural System Fat, Muscle and Bone

How the System works, what can go wrong and the danger of having angry fat. How to fix problems with excess fat, build strong bones and gain muscle.

Module 2 - More Solutions To Problems Fat, Muscle and Bone

Simple steps to implement The 7 Systems Plan and fix this System.

Module 3 - The Digestive System Put Your Second Brain To Work - The Right Way

With 7 key players in this System, learn how big a role the gut plays in your daily eating.

The importance of good gut bacteria, the dangers of acid reflux medication and simple steps to make you Digestive System work for you

Module 4 - Let's Make Your Brain Work For You Again

How you trick your brain to make you feel satisfied with less.

5 tips when eating out, and the importance of the time of day you eat.

Module 5 - The Delivery System Eating The Wrong Food Will End This System's Function and Your Life

Make sure the goods arrive safely and on time.

The real cause of heart disease and diabetes and how they can be reversed

Module 6 - What You Eat Should Not Be SO Confusing Let's Make It Simple

Understanding carbohydrates, protein, and fats.

To go fast, you need a well-tuned, big engine

Module 7 - The Energy System The Most Common Sign of Dysfunction and a Simple Plan To Help You Have Up To 600% More Energy

4 things to ramp up your Energy System and have more energy

Module 8 - Exercise Doesn't Have To Be a Chore Learn How To Make It Fun

The perfect workout routine that doesn’t take much time.

Good health results from good communication

Module 9 - The Communication System: How It Works

2 hormones that are making you fat and how to make them work for you again

Module 10 - Decrease Your Stress With Simple 2 Minute Techniques

Do any one of these 6 stress busters and turn off stress instantly.

Win the weight war with a good defense.

Module 11 - The Defense System: How It Works

Allergies, asthma, inflammation, and autoimmune disease solutions

Module 12 - How To Fix Your Defense System: It's Time To Clean House

The 6 most important things to do to prevent the #1 cause of most disease.

Module 13 The Detox System: How It Works

You have toxins in you making you fat, miserable and can kill you

Module 14 - Four Ways To Make Your Detox System Work For You

Simple steps to get toxins out of your body and keep them out.

To sign up for this life-changing course, contact the Tri-State Physicians & Physical Therapy Clinic team today at (402) 494-5173!


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